Comfort meets cleanliness with Vi-Crobial Shield


Cleanliness is really the new convenience for customers. Vi-Crobial Shield is a revolutionary process for purifying microparticles for textiles, developed to reduce viral contamination and provide a more hygienic environment for sitting or sleeping. Vi-Crobial Shield’s particle infusion technology decreases the spread and proliferation of microorganisms and viral hosts present on sofa upholstery and mattress ticking for healthier surfaces, which is unable to fully guarantee consumers against disease and serves as a process to aid in the cleanliness of a surface.

“Peace of mind is the next level of comfort,” said Neil Owens, president of Cozy Mattress. “As I read the news this week, there are more international updates of what the hospitality economy doesn’t want to hear. As more and more COVID variants are on the rise, what is the impact of viruses on room and hotel product specifications? Are there any new solutions that can help in these specification tasks to become less of a challenge for hotels? Can the investments be used to help keep hotel doors open, especially during the next pandemic? “

The future is healthier textile surfaces. Vi-Crobial Shield is a new antiviral technology and a product that could make all the difference in the future of furniture specifications for a safer and healthier lifestyle.

“It’s our job as hotel and product designers to make a hotel room beautiful, accessible and above all comfortable,” said Owens. “A beautiful, accessible and functional room can be achieved, but how do you make a room ‘comfortable’, especially in the wake of daily news about COVID variants and other viruses? The new definition of “comfortable” must now contain an element of safety and cleanliness like never before. What will make customers of the brand “comfortable” in 2021 and beyond? “

The goal of Vi-Crobial Shield is to help make travel heroes with the person who selects the room reservation for a family vacation, the prescriber who selects the Anti-Viral product (s) for the property, the manufacture of the product for the bedding or the upholstery for the hotel, the owner or the brand.

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