COCT ​​urges companies to make vaccine available to employees


The City of Cape Town (COCT) has urged clothing and textile companies to make the vaccine as accessible as possible to their employees in order to continue the fight against COVID-19 and revitalize the economy.

According to James Vos, a member of the city committee responsible for economic opportunities and asset management, the aim is to revive Cape Town’s economy, as it is essential that the COCT vaccinates as many people as possible.

Vos recently visited Pep Clothing (Pepclo) in Parow, where nearly 500 of its 1,600 employees have received the vaccine at its on-site and off-site vaccination sites. The retail giant is also South Africa’s largest clothing maker.

“This is a huge achievement as it shows the world that stakeholders in one of Cape Town’s most important industries are playing their part to keep their staff and customers safe,” Vos said.

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Vos says that for the population to achieve immunity would be good for the economy because it reduces the likelihood of further hard blockages, as a study by the Health Policy Unit of Discovery Health, Business 4 SA and PwC showed.

“As a member of the Cape Clothing and Textile Cluster, Pepclo has already shown its commitment to helping the industry reach its pre-pandemic growth trajectory. Between 2014 and 2015, exports increased by 12.6%, driven by sharp increases in exports to Namibia (Cape Town’s largest export market for clothing and textile products). Exports to the United States, under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), increased by 53.2%, making it Cape Town’s fastest export market (Wesgro, 2016) ” , Vos said.

Vos reiterated that other players in the apparel and textile sector and businesses in other industries should follow Pepclo’s lead in making vaccines as accessible as possible to their employees.

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