“Celebration of nature”: Deer Lake Art Gallery hosts exhibition of dyed fabrics in Burnaby


The Burnaby exhibit is a collection of dyed textile pieces by East Vancouver-based Color Me Local Dyers’ Guild.

An exhibition of plant-dyed textile art is coming to Deer Lake Art Gallery Saturday, May 7.

The exhibition is a collection of works by the East Vancouver-based company Color Me Local Dyers Guild.

Jasmine Wu, co-ordinator of the Deer Lake Art Gallery and acting executive director of the Burnaby Arts Council, said the exhibit is a celebration of nature through textiles.

“They really focus on the beauty of nature through fabrics and textiles,” Wu said.

“This exhibition really demonstrates the unique perspectives of different artists, as well as their processes and approaches,” she said. “But, also, there’s cohesion, in that they share similar plants and themes.”

The show will include 2D and 3D works, including a 360 degree sculptural piece.

Varsha Gill, head of eco-arts programs at the Still Moon Arts Society, which leads the dyers’ guild, said the pieces in the exhibit are representative of the sustainable practice of eco-arts, with fabrics from ethically sourced and locally grown plant material to make natural dyes.

“Natural dyeing is art, but it’s also chemistry, and honestly, it’s also a kind of magic where you can do everything in exactly the same way, but never get the same results,” Gill said.

Her work, which she sells through her business smiling complexionappears in the next exhibition.

Gill’s fiber art is influenced by his interest in and study of India’s multiple textile traditions.

Natural dyes can be made from indigo leaves (for blue), pomegranate skins (for yellow) and iron rust (which Gill says dulls colors and makes grays, browns and black people)

The exhibition features the work of six artists from the Dyers Guild, including Bea Miller, Carmen Rosen, Sara Irving, Varsha Gill, Julia Zinovjeva and January Wolodarsky.

The show runs May 7 through June 11 at 6584 Deer Lake Ave., with a reception Thursday, May 12 at 6 p.m.


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