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Girlfriend Collective is a sports and loungewear brand that uses recycled materials like polyester, fishnets and used water bottles to create their pieces. The company was founded by a husband and wife duo, Ellie and Quang Dinh. They noticed that it was difficult to find sportswear that was created in an environmentally sustainable way, and that many sportswear brands used the exact same materials. So Ellie and Quang started researching alternative fabric choices, so they found a fabric factory in Asia that creates fabrics from 100% recycled bottles and an SA8000 certified factory in Vietnam. The SA8000 certification means that the plant meets a standard developed by Social Accountability International to protect the working conditions and wages of workers. So, once the sustainable fabric factory and the production factory were discovered, the husband and wife duo began the design process and Collective girlfriend was born.

The brand explains the environmental benefits consumers are responsible for when they buy from the brand: “By choosing Girlfriend, you help divert waste from landfills and support an ethical work environment for the people who make your clothes. ” The brand is really following up on this impact by producing some impressive stats. So far in 2021, Girlfriend Collective has been responsible for recycling 10,430,247 water bottles, preventing 10,127,816 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere and saving 19,869,825 gallons of water.

The brand is also eco-responsible in its packaging, dyeing process and ReGirlfriend program. Girlfriend Collective uses 100% recycled and recyclable materials in its packaging. Regarding the dyeing process, the brand uses environmentally friendly dyes and cleans and cools wastewater from the dyeing process before it is released. It works with a pavement installation to recycle dye mud for use in sidewalks and roads. The ReGirlfriend program addresses the problem that only 1% of clothing in the world is recycled. This means that the remaining 99% is sent to landfills, burned or recycled. Even more alarming statistics from the website include that “The average American throws away 81 pounds of garbage each year. Old clothes thrown in landfills can take up to 200 years to decompose. 40% [is] The percentage increase in textile waste in the United States from 1999 to 2009. “With these frightening facts, Collective girlfriend concluded that there must be a better solution. So, to fix it, Collective girlfriend came with the ReGirlfriend program where customers can send in their old Girlfriend products and in return the customer receives store credit. Girlfriend Collective then uses these returned materials to make new things instead of the clothes ending up in a landfill.

With quality sports and leisure clothing and responsible ethics, Collective girlfriend is a great place to buy your Christmas presents this year.


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