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Kottayam: Restaurant owner believed to have ended his life after criticizing the state government through a Facebook post on Tuesday for the “unscientific lockdown policies” that forced him to take an extreme step. It was Sarin Mohan, 42, owner of the Vinayaka hotel in Kurichy near here, who was found dead on the train tracks in Kurichy. Police suspect that he committed suicide due to financial debts.
The deceased, who was working overseas, had returned from the Middle East and started a hotel business six months ago. He had also started to invest to open a textile store and a spare parts store in the same building. However, his business was hit hard during the lockdown that was imposed after the second wave of Covid-19.
The hotel industry suffered a loss after the government banned restaurant services. He also had to pay a considerable amount in rent.
According to relatives, his liabilities increased as the lockdown continued. The textile shop and the spare parts store could not be opened due to the confinement. He was also in a deep crisis as those who had given him money on credit began to demand repayment.
Relatives suspect he could have ended his life after being unable to handle this pressure. Her youngest son is autistic.
Sarin posted on FB against the government around 4:30 a.m. In the post, he alleged that the government that imposed the unscientific lockdown is responsible for his death.
He also said the government did not help the hospitality industry during the lockdown. He said the government that allowed beverage outlets to operate and hold political party functions did nothing useful for those who were in the hospitality industry.

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