BeefyGreen is a finalist for the European Innovation Prize 2021 with its vegan products


What do manufacturers of meat substitutes, hemp fibers or a clothing recycling company have in common? These are some of the most innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in the European Union. And they are finalists of the Enterprise Europe Network, as announced by the European Commission and the European Innovation Council and Executive Agency (EISMEA) for SMEs. Winners in three different categories will be announced at the annual Enterprise Europe Network conference, to be held in Stuttgart on October 1.

Among the companies from all over Europe is the Dutch company BeefyGreen. It produces meat substitutes and half-meat / half-vegetable products based on oyster mushroom stems and its mission is to provide the best alternatives to meat. BeefyGreen joined the Enterprise Europe network in 2018 and found international contacts through the network to develop and manufacture meat substitutes, and in doing so, made good use of the expertise offered.


“We are honored and surprised to be one of the finalists for the Enterprise Europe Network Awards 2021,” said Frank Nouwens of BeefyGreen. “We are delighted with the support we have received from Enterprise Europe Network. The international contacts with product developers and producers of vegan and hybrid meat products have certainly helped us. This gives us the opportunity to continue to grow substantially and innovate, and also to be able to introduce our meat substitutes and hybrid meat products to the rest of Europe. We are delighted that our collaboration is now rewarded with a place in the final!

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The award recognizes and rewards creative entrepreneurs, especially those who nurture digital and sustainable ambitions, and who make the most of opportunities in the European Union’s free market by using the services and support of the Enterprise Europe Network.

The finalists are start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) active in a variety of sectors, from the textile and fashion industry to robotics, pharmaceuticals, agribusiness, wastewater treatment and advanced medical and laser technology.


Enterprise Europe Network is the world’s largest SME support network and is funded by the EU. It helps companies innovate and grow internationally and strengthen their resilience in Europe and beyond. Enterprise Europe Network combines international business expertise with local knowledge to help SMEs take their innovations to new markets. It is dedicated to helping businesses grow faster by providing tailor-made support, new business partnerships and access to finance.

In addition to BeefyGreen, eight other companies from six EU countries are in the running:

  • Biomimetic, a Greek start-up, which offers laser nanotexturing bio-inspired by glass. These have anti-reflective, anti-mirror, anti-fog and superhydrophilic properties which can be applied to consumer electronics devices such as cell phones, watches or laptops.
  • Comau is a leading company in the field of industrial automation. The Italy-based organization helps harness the full potential of digital manufacturing. French consultancy company COBO4YOU has partnered with Comau with the aim of focusing on the integration of cobotic solutions in the automation industry.
  • Based in Germany Enviplan is an SME with experience in the engineering, design and construction of drinking water purification, treatment and sanitation systems. The company uses micro-flotation technology for the treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater.
  • Nuvisan, a French pharmaceutical company, provides research and development services for the development and production of topical drugs.
  • RBX creations, headquartered in France, specializes in the use of hemp fiber for the manufacture of various materials, such as bioplastics, paper and textiles.
  • Belgium Resortecs is a start-up in the textile and fashion sector that offers patented solutions for the recycling of garments worldwide through the automated dismantling of garments on an industrial scale.
  • Spanish SME Sant Aniol specializes in the production of water of volcanic origin from La Garrotxa Natural Park, a region of Girona.
  • UBT SRL ((Umbria Bioengineering Technologies) is a biomedical company that develops and markets innovative medical imaging equipment based on advanced microwave technology instead of harmful ionizing radiation (X-rays).

Three of these nominees will receive the highest awards in the following three categories:

Inspiring customer journey: For the best example of the positive results that an SME has obtained and which has successfully taken advantage of the Network’s services to reach the destination it wanted for its business. A good example of the Enterprise Europe Network is described as a “good compass or Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver on the SME’s path to internationalization and growth”.

Get ahead: The winner here is the best example that shows positive results that focus on the most recent priorities of the network: digitization, sustainability and innovation. For visionary SMEs that have successfully initiated the “transition” and that capitalize on the Network’s innovation services and have developed a new product, service or technology.

Recovery: The best example of exceptional adaptation to change and flexibility to recover.


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