BABA Textile Machinery shares growth plan as embroidery market booms

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Baba Textile Machinery India Private Limited – a leading manufacturer and importer of a wide range of computerized embroidery machines – has shared an ambitious growth plan.

In the last dialogue with Apparel Resource TeamKeshav Agarwal, Business Manager, BABA, mentioned that the company has recently launched a new sequin punching machine which provides sequin tape – all A-Z materials, which is a result of the growing emphasis on value addition in the Indian garment factories.

Keshav further envisioned BABA’s competitors who are introducing automated machines with robotic arm embroidery technique, on which he shared that India being a cheap labor hub, there should be careful investment in these technologies.

“Avoiding the depletion of installation costs for such machines if they are not needed, although we have such machines in our portfolio, but we understand that technology should not dominate humans,” Keshav said.

Furthermore, the company has closely observed that the dynamics of the Indian market are changing due to the aftermath of the pandemic.

“Before the pandemic, most machines were sold to workers, but after Covid there was an increased demand among export houses to install the machines in-house. This is a good trend that we need to capitalize on,” added Keshav.

Talking about BABA’s R&D strategy, Keshav claimed that they have about 75% of engineers in his team who install machines in factories, repair and maintain them as needed – all in the shortest possible time. possible.

“We also opened a BABA Experience Center in Noida, Uttar Pradesh where we installed the machines to thoroughly check it before introducing it in an exhibition or in the market. It’s like a two-step process – check one in China where these technologies are being developed and another in India where we are doing R&D to adopt embroidery machines as per our country’s requirements,” Keshav concluded adding that BABA has also opened its new office in Hyderabad and plans to expand into the Indore market to meet the booming demand in India.


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