Art projections on the windows of Sauchiehall stores in Glasgow for the Steven Campbell exhibition


A NEW exhibition dedicated to the work of artist Steven Campbell will see Glasgow city center shop windows light up with large-scale art projections.

The virtual exhibition, Dressing Above Your Station, will explore the role of fashion in the work of the Rutherglen-born artist through an online model of the Tramway arts venue.

It will feature digital representations of the late artist’s paintings, clothing and personal memorabilia.

A series of large-scale window screenings on Sauchiehall Street will also launch alongside the virtual exhibition.

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At the same time, a street poster campaign, which is both advertising and part of the show, will be presented throughout Glasgow city centre.

A graduate of the Glasgow School of Art, which he attended after several years working as an engineer at Clydebridge Steelworks, Campbell became one of Scotland’s most prominent artists in the 1980s.

Her work has included performances, community art projects, writings, immersive installations as well as her much-loved paintings.

At the center of the new exhibit is a collection of clothes from Japanese fashion brand Comme des Garçons, which were acquired by Campbell and his wife Carol in exchange for one of his paintings while living in New York at the start. of the 1980s.

The Dressing Above Your Station exhibition, dedicated to the work of Rutherglen artist Steven Campbell and hosted by Tramway, will launch on Thursday, March 31.

Each screening will feature a selected item from the collection, including a recreation of the Comme des Garçons boutique in early 1980s New York.

Clothing was important to Steven, and articles about him frequently mentioned his appearance.

As he said of himself, “I look very good physically. Good clothes… An invented look that suits me well.

Scottish fashion and textile designer Beca Lipscombe and fashion historian Mairi MacKenzie, who curated the exhibition, reflected on their own experience of fashion.

Beca Lipscombe said: “The show’s title Dressing Above Your Station refers to the role clothes play in our dreams, desires and future.

“It’s something that resonates with both of us and which we imagine will ring a bell with many of the exhibit’s viewers.”

“The things we wanted, like Burberry, were for the wealthy, but we wanted some.

“We dressed way above our station and were totally ambitious. We were like peacocks playing with dress codes.

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Mairi MacKenzie said: “I used to browse magazines, take trips to Glasgow to seek out glamour, and dream about the clothes I would wear when I was older.

“As a teenager, anything outside the cities felt limited and clothes were my way out.”

The exhibition is inaugurated on Thursday, March 31, it can be viewed free of charge on the Tramway site.


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