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With unrivaled world-class services and connections, national airlines celebrate Turkey’s National Day at Expo 2020 Dubai by connecting the world

Founded in 1933, the main areas of activity of Turkish Airlines are all types of domestic and international air transport of passengers and cargo with the aim of uniting people, cultures, continents, countries and cities while offering inspiring new travel experiences for all. As an airline serving more countries than any other, Turkish Airlines flies to 334 destinations in 128 countries, including 50 domestic and 284 international. Turkish Airlines has 371 planes in its fleet, of which 351 are passenger planes – including 104 wide-body and 247 narrow-body – and 20 are freighters.

Reinforcing its global brand identity as a leader in the global aviation industry with its experienced and high-level staff and group companies, Turkish Airlines has 18 subsidiaries and affiliates. Through subsidiaries and affiliates, Turkish Airlines delivers flexibility, quality and productivity across its operations, while reducing costs, which increases its competitive strength and efficiency.

Focusing on protecting nature’s wealth for future generations in Turkey and 128 countries across its airline network, Turkish Airlines has started using sustainable aviation fuel on its flights. Aviation fuel obtained from sustainable sources was used for the first time in early 2022. The sustainable aviation fuel that will be used for Turkish Airlines contains 87% less greenhouse gases compared to fuels fossils. Supplies

The process is also facilitated by Turkish Airlines subsidiary, Turkish Fuel Services (TFS). The flag carrier’s next goal goes even further than using sustainable fuel for its flights; the conduct of a “Microalgae Based Sustainable BioJet Fuel (MICRO-JET) Project” with its partners. When the project is completed, Turkey’s and Europe’s first carbon-negative integrated biorefinery will begin operation.

Turkish Airlines was also the fastest to recover among European carriers following the severe effects of the pandemic on aviation. Unlike many others, the flag carrier has decided to increase its number of destinations worldwide instead of shrinking, further strengthening its flight network for the post-Covid world. As the world continues to open up again, Turkish Airlines is poised to continue its rise to success with its young fleet, unparalleled connection opportunities and world-class service.

Important recycling effort by Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines has launched more than 100 operational optimization projects since 2008 to reduce its carbon footprint and successfully implemented them over the years. Thanks to these projects implemented at each stage of the journey as well as ground operations, 15,000,363 tonnes of fuel were saved and 48,000,394 tonnes of carbon dioxide were prevented from being dispersed into the atmosphere at the during the third quarter of 2021. During the first three quarters, the total prevention of CO2 was 85 thousand 119 tons.

In 2019, the best year for global aviation before the pandemic, Türkiye’s flag carrier airline saved enough ground to cover 63 football fields, while saving 3,648 trees thanks to its preventive measures in the operations of aircraft maintenance. By preventing machine and aircraft oil from reaching natural water sources, Turkish Technic has saved enough water to fill 784 Olympic swimming pools.

When it comes to in-flight product packaging, Türkiye’s global carrier chooses to use starch-based material that can be easily recovered by nature. During 2019 flights, Turkish Airlines avoided the use of more than 176 tons of plastic by using organic packaging. Other initiatives include removing combs and shoe horns from travel kits, preventing 105 tonnes of plastic waste, distributing all travel kits and toys without outer bags, making 15 million 229,000 and 348 unnecessary bags to produce. 145,743 kg of textile waste was recycled into textile products by approved recycling companies. The national airline will continue to take preventive measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and maintain its support for efforts to develop sustainable aviation fuel.

On Turkey’s National Day at Expo 2020 Dubai, Turkish Airlines wishes clear blue skies of prosperity and success to all its compatriots and a warm welcome to passengers from all over the world. May the days and years ahead lead to renewed relations between the United Arab Emirates and Turkey.


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